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A Nice Video Reminding Bigots "It Get's Better"

So I am over Christians this week.

This video by CatholicVotes has been making the rounds today. (Spoilers: It sucks)

Okay, so honestly when I started watching it I thought it was a joke. With the cheesy music and filming in black and white, this could easily be a video from The Onion. Even the first person to speak says “I am a little bit nervous about people kinda hearing that I’m this way and thinking she’s not welcomed here.” Actually every introduction doesn’t actually say what they are afraid to talk about and it could easily be a start of an It Get’s Better video.


When they finally say reveal that they believe that marriage is between a man and a women, they bring out all the over used tropes.

I have gay friends. We aren’t your friends. Seriously, we really don’t like you.

I don’t fear gays. But you think we want to have sex with you all the time. Spoiler, nope, you are gross.

And I totally love my gay friends, but you know they are just soooo wrong about everything. But don’t worry, I totes love them. You have the most fucked up version of love. Actually, it kinda sounds like condescension and hatred. Please keep that shit away from me.

Oh, and that bigot word you guys keep using, that hurts, and you are wrong, like really wrong. Because I love my gay friends, I just don’t think they should have the same rights as me. Maybe, don’t be a bigot and we won’t call you one, just a thought. And yes, what you are doing, actively trying to limit our rights and protection is bigotry. And it hurts, more than you can possibly imagine.


I don’t understand who the hell thought this was a good idea. I am not kidding when this just seems like a mockery of It Get’s Better. They start crying, talking about how hard it is to be their true self, and how important it is to not judge people and get to know them on a personal level. It ends with a girl crying, repeating the phrase “You are not alone.”


Who the hell thinks Christians that believe in traditional marriage hate gay people are alone? Go to church on Sunday, I bet you can find hundreds of them. And unfortunately, you aren’t dying out. You may not be able to say “Gay people are going to hell” in a public place and have everyone agreeing with you, but you will probably still face less discrimination than queer people who decide to kiss their SO in public.


I don’t know, I am just getting tired at this point. I keep hearing that #LoveWins but looking around, it doesn’t really feel like it.


And the amazing response video.

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