Did you not hear me? Gtfo the fun is over.

Wow. I mean, Wow. Here's the backstory: A couple of years ago my older brother (who lives several states away) posted anti-gay messages on my facebook page. On Pride Weekend. Horrible, religious, bigoted messages. It was so offensive, and after hearing from my mother about his ridiculously disgusting phone calls full of profanities and accusations, I cut him off. I deleted him from Facebook, and never looked back. He's a toxic person, and not interested in getting better at all. He has been verbally abusive to my mother as well as my sister. Like, horribly abusive. When he realized I had deleted him from Facebook this is the message he sent me:

"u cut me out of ur life so fuck you faggot u are not my fucking brother at all motherfucket, i have no fucking family no more u all are shit ass i never go fuck back to fucking [home state] ever fuck u all whole fucking family good fucking bye asshole faggot"

Lovely, right? So, recently my mom told me he got back in touch with her telling her that he's homeless, wants to come back, needs money. I had breakfast with my sister a bit later, and she told me basically the same thing. I suspect he's shaking them down for money. That's totally in keeping with his character. Neither of them fell for it, thankfully, so that's positive.


Cut to today. I got a message from him on Facebook telling me about how sorry he is for saying what he said, he's homeless, wants to come back to home state/family, can I send him money? I cannot believe he has the nerve to contact me. I just find his behavior disgusting. Does he really expect me to just forget what he said? Also, he said he wants to "stop by" on his way back to home -state to visit and catch up because we were so close in our childhood. He "misses" me terribly. Are you fucking kidding me? He threatened to hang me with his belt when he was 13 and I was 7. He threatened to force me and my other siblings into a car so he drive it into a lake and drown us all when he was 16 and I was 10. That's how "close" we are.

I'm not really asking for advice here, just ranting. Holy shit, I can't believe his behavior.

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