That is all. It's funny cause they're gay for each other, get it? We love those two women. Let's ship em! I just really wish we could take lesbians more seriously. Really.

If you can explain to me what the joke is and how it isn't funny 'cause we're pretending they're gay, please go ahead. Bear in mind however, that if you have to explain...

EDIT: bold relevant phrase. People, of course no one intended to offend anyone. That's how privilege blindness works. No one is trying to chastise or tell anyone off.

There is lesbian content in our logo and it is ridiculous to expect everyone who visits here to have a degree in art history to understand it. I had no idea. I'm a lesbian. I saw it and saw lesbian content and asked myself what the relevance was. What is funny about lesbian content? Why does it need to be there? It's just weird. I am a smart person with an extensive social justice knowledge. I shouldn't need a degree in art history to understand that the logo above the posts I make is not a lesbian joke and I'm not comfortable with wondering if any queer readers of my posts are wondering about the logo either.

If I can come here, see that logo as a queer woman and have so many questions about it, what does that say about the logo's appropriateness? Are we saying we are just fine with any possible queer misinterpretation? Some of the comments here are very close to saying: "Yeah, I don't care if queer women misinterpret it (and/or it doesn't matter) because if they do, obviously they just don't understand art." and people, that is very uncool.

EDIT 2: This post originally appeared on groupthink. It is regarding a logo which was chosen in a logo making contest and which queer women found concerning. It is reposted now here.


EDIT 3: This post will remain here for all time. Therefore, I will recap relevant details for those who may visit later. Another post now exists to discuss this which can be found here.

The logo in discussion was this one which will be shown after a palate cleansing kitten for the sidebar:


That's better. Now on to the logo:

If you are unaware, that is Ruth Bader Ginsburg tweaking the nipple of Beyonce.

Briefly today someone hilariously hacked groupthink and made the logo extremely large. I'm not gonna lie, whoever you are: that was fucking amazing (aw. It turns out it was all the blogs and now it's fixed. Still, that was hilarious.). It has now been taken down and replaced with nothing (probably because it was too big, since it seems everyone being offended was not a good enough reason) but at the time of writing, there has been no information given from the mods. I can only assume there is no logo at all just now because they have not figured out how to make it any smaller yet. So, LOLOL. Not sorry. But, yeah, it would be nice if we heard something. It would be nice if the logo was removed due to offense taken rather than the logistical embarrassment of the mod team. Discuss.