Did you not hear me? Gtfo the fun is over.
Did you not hear me? Gtfo the fun is over.
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Monica Jones' conviction has been overturned!

As many of you will know, Monica Jones is an Arizona activist and trans woman of colour who was convicted in April of 2014 of the crime of "manifesting an intent to commit or solicit an act of prostitution." This law essentially makes it illegal to be in public if the police wish to target you, as pretty much any action can be grounds for arrest. From the Phoenix, AZ legal code:

"3. Is in a public place, a place open to public view or in a motor vehicle on a public roadway and manifests an intent to commit or solicit an act of prostitution. Among the circumstances that may be considered in determining whether such an intent is manifested are: that the person repeatedly beckons to, stops or attempts to stop or engage passersby in conversation or repeatedly, stops or attempts to stop, motor vehicle operators by hailing, waiving of arms or any other bodily gesture; that the person inquires whether a potential patron, procurer or prostitute is a police officer or searches for articles that would identify a police officer; or that the person requests the touching or exposure of genitals or female breast;"


Today, I learned through Monica Jones' twitter (@tslove602) that her conviction has been overturned by the Arizona Supreme Court! Woo hoo! Published details are sparse at this point, but I thought people would like to know this good news!

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